Vaccination Requirements
Eric with a guestFor all guests entering our facility, for any of our services, we do require a veterinary certificate, or receipt, on file with us, showing proof that your pet is current on our required vaccinations. For effective coverage, it is recommended that these vaccinations be given at least seven days prior to staying with us.

  • Rabies
  • We strongly suggest Bordetella. HOWEVER, if you choose to vaccinate your dog with this, it must be done AT LEAST 14 days or more prior to arrival at our facility.

We highly encourage flea and tick preventative. If your pet is found to have fleas or ticks during pre-entry evaluation, immediate action will be taken to bathe him/her at your expense to prevent the parasites from entering the facility.

Medications – Prescription
We will administer any and all oral medications/vitamins as prescribed by your veterinarian at no additional charge. These are simply a necessity in proper care of your pet. We do require that any prescription medication provided by you be in its original container indicating the patient, medication name, strength of dosage and the prescribing vet. Please do not bring any medications already mixed into your pet’s food.

Retail areaFood
We offer Eagle, a super premium food, for your pet to enjoy during the stay or you may choose to maintain your pets own diet which we will gladly accommodate. There is no extra charge if you bring your own food from home. We simply require all food to be in either ziplock bags or in some type of plastic ware clearly labeled with your pet's name and your last name. Please do not bring bags of food over 16 pounds. Each guest is fed at the time they are used to at home. We do not limit feeding dogs to only twice a day, but rather at the exact times they would expect if they were at home. Please bring this information upon arrival.

We provide each guest suite with a High Rise bed at no additional charge. We also offer soft bed rental, which is laundered fresh daily or more often if needed! If you prefer to bring bedding from home we glady allow this for your pets pleasures, but please keep in mind we can only accept washable items. Bedding with polyfill such as stuffed beds and comforters are not accepted for the safety of our guests.

Feel free to bring your pets favorite and comforting toys during their stay with us. Not only is it fun for us to play with them and their favorite toys, but it is reassuring to them to have some comforts from home! Everything you bring is kept inside your pet's suite for them to enjoy during their visit here. Please refrain from bringing rawhides of any variety for safety reasons.

Our beautiful country setting.Emergency Procedure
Upon arrival to our resort, we will ask for a phone number we can use to reach you in case of emergency. We will take as many numbers as you wish and will call in the order they are given to us. If no one can be reached, or there is a true medical emergency, we reserve the right to contact your vet immediately. We will use your vet, if possible, since they are familiar with your pet.

Boarding Charges
Boarding charges are incurred the day you arrive regardless of the time of day. There is no charge for the last day stay if your pet is picked up before 12 p.m. check out time. Pick-ups after 12 p.m., as well as Sundays, are always charged a full day.

We offer 24 hour emergency service for those in need. Please do not hesitate to call us if an emergency arises. We know how important prompt attention and help is when the unexpected happens and we offer this service to all in need.

Janet at play with two guests.Holiday Visits*
We will accept holiday reservations with a deposit in the amount of ˝ of the entire reserved dates. Reservations will be entered into our system when the deposit is received. Cancellations made 10 days or more prior to arrival will receive a credit applied towards future visits. Otherwise, deposit is non-refundable.

You will be responsible for payment of all days reserved during these holiday visits regardless of how many actual days your pet stays here.

*Holiday Visit policies apply for: New Year’s, Spring Breaks, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Fall Breaks, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

All rates are subject to change without notice.

Upon admission for our services, your signature of contract acknowledges your awareness and acceptance of our policies. Thank you very much for your understanding and thank you for your trust and confidence in our care of your pet. We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it!