We are an upscale dog resort situated on 40 country acres in Argos, Indiana. We are within 10 minutes of all local towns such as Plymouth, Culver and Rochester, IN. We are conveniently located only 1 mile West of US 31 which make drop-offs and pick-ups very simple! US 31 is the major pathway between South Bend and Indianapolis which helps our out of town guests reach us easily.

Indoor, climate-controlled kennels.Our country setting and state-of-the-art facility allow us to spare no detail in ensuring our guests are healthy, happy and relaxed during their stay with us.

For your petís safety and companionship, we live on the premises and the entire facility is surrounded by a six-foot high fence. Additionally, all suites have fencing on the top in case one of our guests happens to be skilled at climbing! By living on the premises, we do not have to leave our work at 5:00 everyday, but rather stay and interact with your pet until we lock the facility around 10:00 pm each night. We also have the capability to start your pets day early, usually around 5-6:00 in the morning.

Covered, fresh-air access.All guestís suites have privacy dividers between each suite, both inside as well as outside, to ensure maximum comfort and cleanliness for each guest. Guests who are bashful, or simply do not like to be bothered by their neighbors are allowed their peace and quiet, yet can choose to look over the dividers to see them if they wish. The privacy dividers also keep everything self-contained within each individual suite.

Kennels are large enough for multi-dog families.Your petís outdoor suite is completely covered by roof ensuring total comfort on summer days. He or she can even go out and watch a nice rain shower from the dry security of his private suite if desired. When the temperature permits, our guests outdoor suites are available to them to explore and enjoy from approximately 6 a.m.Ė10 p.m. everyday.

Our luxury Penthouse Suite is now available. Indulge your family pet with furniture, rugs, home decorations and his/her own television! This Penthouse features double the space both inside and out and is housed separate from our other guests. Ask about our pricing package and upgrade your pet's vacation!

We heat and air-condition the facility as needed to always maintain the most comfortable temperature for our guests. Special attention is given to a particular breed's specific needs and necessities when it comes to maximum comfort.

Our large play yard makes all of our guests happy.Our Ĺ acre fenced-in play yard is ideal for all of our guests. The peaceful and quiet location is equipped with toys, a pool, and obedience tunnels to enjoy! We have found the swimming pool a fun place to frolick and cool off in during the summer and our toys have become a favorite with our guests because of their versitality! The entire play yard has neatly manicured grass which will remind him of your lawn at home.

Soft music is played 24 hours daily for your petís comfort. He or she may find this especially comforting during a storm or while falling asleep for the night.

Our Self-Serve Pet Wash is available for those who would like to wash their own pets. Utilize our professional spa products and equipment and we'll clean up after you! Enjoy bonding, pampering and spoiling your pet together.

Visitors are welcome at our facility! See our contact page for hours.